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USA, a highly developed country, is home to several of the world's most exciting cities and mind-blowing landscapes with the most approachable natives in the world. One of the hallmarks of U.S. culture is independence. USA has a very advanced education system that varies greatly across the country.

Climate varies considerably across the United States. You will probably need umbrella, even in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. In the northern cities, such as Boston, Chicago, Pittsburgh, New York, Seattle, Washington, Denver, and Minneapolis you will need cold weather and snow gear. In the southern states, such as California and Florida, summers may be very hot and the winters mild. Depending on the part of the country, temperatures during the summer will run from the 70s through the 90s...

Once you enrolled in the campus, there will be "The International Student Orientation Program," coordinated by the Admissions Office or the Office of International Programs. This program will introduce you to social life on a U.S. campus. Information on many topics like immigration, academic advisors, computer and library resources, telephone services, public safety, medical services, and banking and transportation options will be provided through this program.


There are about 3500 universities in USA that offer the widest choice of over 1000 courses from any field under the sun.  90% of world’s Noble laureates teach in US Universities.  We carry the space with you.

The US has the larges number of universities in the world and currently has seven out of the top ten in the THES –QS  world university Ranking –Harward Massachusetts
Institute of technology ,  Yale, Stanford,  CalTech,  Berkeley and Princeton. 

In total there are literally hundreds of public and private higher education establishments offering a range of courses .


US Universities normally do not accept 3 year’s Bachelors degree in India like BA B.Sc B. Com for admission to their masters programs.  Sixteen years of formal education or a four years’ Bachelors degree or Masters (MA / M.Com/ M.Sc) with good grades (high first class or above) are the basic requirement for admission to MS programs in most US Universities.  Apart from TOEFL student are also required to clear competitive exams like GRE /GMAT to secure admission and financial aid in good US Universities and secure visa without hassles.

There are some universities which accepts 15 years of education into Master in computer science, Masters in Information systems and MBA

Test required:

TOEFL/IELTS required by almost all universities .The minimum score required for UG is 60-80. Graduates 70-80.  some Universities might offer conditional admission if your score is low can students have to attend English classes.  The fee for the language classes is extra. 

GRE :  Majority of universities require GRE scores.  The score requirement varies from university to university.  Some need a combined score like 1000.  Some are particular about score in verbal, quantitative section. Some are particular about the AWA.  This could vary from department to department also in some universities.  Some programs in competitive college like to have subject GRE cores. 

GMAT:  all courses related to Management is required GMAT.  There are few universities that admit students without GMAT.  Some would admit without GMAT on conditional basis and students are given some time to complete GMAT.
The Minimum acceptable score is 450 +.

Institutions in USA recognize the IELTS exams including several top ranked institutions
US universities have following intakes:

  1. Spring: January / February
  2. Fall: August / September
  3. Summer: April / May

Major intake being the fall intake, but most of the universities are open for spring and few of them for summer intake too. However all subjects commence in fall and only some in winter and summer intake.

Universities Represented by Vision International

S.NO. List of the Universities
1 Abilene Christian university
2 Lyle school of engineering
3 Johnson & Wales university
4 University of Newhaven
5 University of Findlay
6 North western polytechnic university
7 Dallas Baptist univerisity
8 Oklahoma city university
9 Alfred university
10 Arkansas state university
11 Ball sate university
12 Bellevue university
13 California Lutheran university
14 Central Missouri state university
15 Clarkson university
16 Everest university
17 Florida southern university
18 Golden gate university
19 Howard Payne university
20 Long island university , c.w post campus
21 Marshall university
22 Mercer university
23 National university
24 New York institute of technology
25 Old dominion university
26 Pacific Lutheran university
27 Pacific university
28 Pepper dine university
29 Saint Louis university
30 Salem international university
31 South east Missouri state university
32 Troy state university
33 University of Missouri Rolla
34 University of Missouri Columbia
35 Virginia international university
36 Wichita state university
37 Woodbury university
38 St. johns university
39 East west medicine university
40 Farleigh Dickinson University
41 Gannon University
42 University of Bridgeport
43 Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
44 Polytechnic University
45 Murray State University
46 University of Detroit, Mercy
47 Ferris State University (UG only)
48 The University of Mary Hardin – Baylor Belton
49 Kansas State University
50 Montana State University
51 Wilkes University
52 Widener University


1.  What are official transcripts?
The Xerox or true copies of your mark sheets attested by the University Registrar or Asst. Registrar or Controller of examiner in sealed envelopes are known as Official Transcripts

2.  On what factors university selection will be done?
Selection of Universities will be based on individual student academic scores, pre requisite tests i.e. Toefl/GRE/GMAT/& SAT.

3.  The degree from distance education is valid for masters program in any country?
Most of the countries will not consider the open /distance universities degrees

4.  What are the Prerequisites to get an admission in USA?
One should have completed 16 years of education, for master’s degree.  You need to take toefl & GRE as a pre requisite and for Management programs GMAT;

5.  Will universities in USA accept 15 year s of education?
There are few universities which will accept 15 years of education subject to certain conditions.
6.  How important are the statement of purpose and recommendation letters?
The statement of purpose and the recommendation letters are the key documents for the academic committee to consider your application they need to be well written and they give the university insights into what kind of person you are.

7.  I have written GRE twice if I am reporting my scores to the university which score will be considered?
The university will consider the score that is highest.

8.  Can I work during my course?
Normally you are allowed to work for 20 hours part-time per week during your full time course. However, during vacations you can work full-time.

9. How long is the admission procedure?
It differs for different Colleges / Universities. Approximate time period would be 5 to 8 weeks

 10.  How do I make a choice about the University, the course and the place
Vision International could assist the candidate in making a right and a balanced choice after learning their requirements followed by an informal discussion on various relevant subjects. We works as a friend and an advisor with the candidate in making the most appropriate choice. We also provides the right information sources to its students that could further assist the cause.

11. Which universities will you apply in? Will it be of my choice?
A. The counselor allocated to you will shortlist universities based on your background and requirements. You can discuss the same with your counselor and decide the best three options. However, if there is any particular university that you are interested in, we can help you apply to that university.

12. Will you get me financial aid?
A. We will try our best to get you financial aid. All applications forwarded by us are considered for financial aid. However, financial assistance is merit-based and not need-based. So, if you have good academic record and test scores, your chances of receiving aid are higher. Also, it is easier to get aid for graduate level courses (other than management) and for research based courses. It is very difficult and extremely competitive to get aid for undergraduate and MBA programs. Most of our students do get some kind of aid.

13. What programs can you apply for?
A. All bachelor level programs and almost all masters level programs. We do not take students for pharmacy, pharmacology, physiotherapy and related programs.

14. How many universities will you apply to?
A. We will apply to at least three universities. Any more will depend on your profile and requirements. We do not have an upper limit. The idea is to get into the best possible university.

15. Can I choose colleges from your list which are of interest to me?
A. After we receive your application, we study it in detail and provide you with a list of universities which match your profile and interests. After mutual discussions, we will rank the choices. Our goal is to secure you admission in the best college based on your capabilities.

16. What happens if you are unable to offer me an admission?
A. We guarantee an admission in one of the universities selected by us. However, if we are unable to get you an admission we will refund you the fee payment you made to us.

17. Is GMAT or GRE compulsory for admission?  
A. GRE is compulsory for students pursuing an engineering degree. Some schools accept students without a GMAT score. TOEFL is compulsory for all students wishing to pursue an education in the U.S. Some universities accept IELTS instead of TOEFL.

However, please keep in mind that it is very tough to get a visa without GMAT/GRE scores. We can process your application and get you an admission in some schools without test scores. However, you may not get a visa.

18. I have a low GRE score. Can I apply for MS engineering programs?  
A. Yes, you can. However, your options in terms of universities will be very limited.

19. How long will it take for my admission letter after I submit the documents?
A. You will get your admission letter within 16 weeks after you submit all the documents. Please do not worry about the process after you have submitted the documents. It is then our job to ensure that you secure an admission.

20. I have a 3 years Bachelors degree. Can I get an admission?
A. Yes, you can get an admission. However, you cannot get an admission in a technical program like MS in Computer Science. You may have to transfer into an undergraduate program and take pre-requisite courses first. However, you can get an admission into several other programs such as MBA and MS in Information Systems Management.

21. I have a low TOEFL score. Can you get me an admission?
A. Yes, you can get an admission in some programs. However, you will face problems in the visa process. The embassy has refused visa to many students because of low test scores. We recommend that if your score is less than 190 in CBT or 75 in IBT, you take the TOEFL again.

22. I am doing my Bachelors degree. Can I get a transfer to a institute in US?
A. Yes, you can get a transfer. You can transfer into the second or third year of college depending on your transfer of credits. You should have completed at least one year and preferably two years of education in your home country.